About Jaemi


I grew up in North Haven, CT, just north of New Haven. I left New England after college and have lived in North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Iowa, and now Michigan. I’ve lived in big cities and places where cultural experiences are easy to come by. I’ve also lived in small towns and places where the nearest professional symphony was an hour away and part-time. Both of these kinds of places have their joys and their frustrations, of course. But, my wanderings have taught me in very practical terms about the impacts that variations in access to opportunity and infrastructure have on communities. I’ve often been an outsider, but also benefited from various kinds of  privilege. 

Conducting and music making have been the backbone of my life and career, but I have also always been interested in technology, cultural criticism, the arts in general, and languages.  My overriding goal has always been to make the world better. Wherever I have found myself, I have always tried to make a difference and build community.

For more details about where I’ve been and what I’ve done, check out my Resume. For more about what I’m up to, find me on LinkedIn or Facebook.



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