About Jaemi Consulting


My life as an arts entrepreneur, performer, and nonprofit manager has led me to extensive and eccentric skill set. I love putting that skill set to work solving problems, creating new programs, or otherwise helping your world run more smoothly.

My Experience

Doing more with less? ✅
Working without a safety net? ✅
Living at the intersection of technological and human solutions? ✅
Being simultaneously analytical, creative, pragmatic, and idealistic? ✅
Making the impossible happen on time and under budget? ✅
Startup environments and big organizations? ✅
Doing all of this in high-stakes, public-facing environments? ✅✅

Leadership experience – 20 years
Nonprofit experience – 20 years
Higher ed experience – 10 years
Event production experience – 20 years
Fundraising experience – 20 years
Marketing and Audience Development experience – 20 years

Resourcefulness and creativity are my default mode of being and “what if” is probably my most overused phrase.

Some of My Super Powers

  • Leadership and leadership training
  • Process design and efficiency
  • Communications (internal and external, strategic messaging, clarity of information)
  • Database development, data quality, and single source of truth design (Airtable expert, Salesforce Certified Administrator)
  • Project, team, and resource management (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Airtable, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Planner)
  • Marketing tech (Engaging Networks Accredited Partner, Luminate Online, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Canva)
  • Public speaking (lectures, presentations, workshops)
  • Getting the most out of your software tools (automations, integrations, feature recommendations)
  • Planning (strategic, project, budget)
  • Training and tutoring


Put my skills, super powers, and experience to work for you!

I’m available for long-term projects, quick fixes, ongoing advice sessions, and more.

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